Sponsorship Opportunities

Individuals, clubs and businesses may sponsor specific events throughout the year, such as afternoon sing-a-longs, dinners, and lectures. Sponsorship amounts vary and range from $100 and up, depending on the event. Sponsors receive recognition for their investment in a variety of ways. For more information about these opportunities, and to customize a marketing plan for your investment, please contact the main office at (973)383-5191

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities at Liberty Towers for individuals and groups of all ages. Every effort is made to match volunteers with a project that complements their talents, skills, and interests. Opportunities may last just one day, one hour, or for months at a time. No matter how long a volunteer works with Liberty Towers, they have an opportunity to make a difference.

There is always something to do at Liberty Towers. Examples of work that has been done in the past include weeding, planting and mulching, painting hallways, performing light chores for elderly residents, playing games, reading the newspaper to someone who cannot see, conducting gift drives for the holidays, playing an instrument or karaoke, doing puzzles, teaching residents how to use a computer to search the internet, assisting with the many dinners and events held throughout each year, and more.

With such a small staff, Liberty Towers depends on volunteers to help make things possible. We hope you join our team and share in our excitement of caring for our residents. Please complete an application to volunteer with us.

Adopt-A-Hallway Program

Similar in concept to the Adopt-A-Highway program, Liberty Tower’s Adopt-A-Hallway Program gives corporations, civic groups, schools, and individuals a chance to make a sizeable difference in the appearance of a specific area, while giving them an opportunity to receive recognition for doing so.

Participants may adopt all or a part of a hallway and in doing so, may contribute all or a portion of the materials needed to refurbish the hallway, funding to purchase materials, or may contribute volunteer hours to assist with decorating and labor involved in completing the work.

The concept of adopting a hallway does not have to end with bricks and mortar, but can also extend into social interaction and activities for the residents throughout the year. Work may also extend to assisting with entertainment, making of baked goods for bake sales and events, holiday decorating, gift drives, and more. Participants may also choose to adopt an individual or all the residents on a particular floor, helping with light chores and errands, corresponding through a pen-pal program, or helping them celebrate birthdays and holidays by sending cards or spending time with them.

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Paper Product Drive

Volunteers coordinate a drive at work, in school, or through other social and civic groups to collect a variety of sundries including toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, paper plates, tissues, copy paper, and notepads. Others have even collected hand soap, lotion, batteries, canned goods, coffee, tea, cleaning supplies.

Warm & Fuzzy Gift Drive

Volunteers collect and assemble gifts and donations for seniors and disabled residents of Liberty Towers. Helpful items include flashlights, gloves, mittens, scarves, kitchen and bath towels, potholders, grocery store gift cards, tissues, music cassettes, CDs, videos, etc. candy, perfume, etc.

Day of Caring

Anytime during the year, groups of volunteers are encouraged to help with a number of community service projects at Liberty Towers. Volunteers have done many things at Liberty Towers, ranging from planting to painting, completing chores for the frail and elderly, and assembling party favors and gifts for the disadvantaged. Volunteers from local corporations, organizations, and schools make a lasting impact on the agency, helping accomplish tasks that would not otherwise be done.

United Way Day of Caring United Way Day of Caring

For information on these opportunities, please visit United Way at http://www.unitedwaynnj.org/.