1. Employment Income: for every family member of your household who works (Including Workforce 55+), bring the following
      1. A current letter from your employer stating your starting date of employment, the current rate of pay and overtime pay and the number of hours per week normally worked. This letter must be on your employer’s company stationary to include employer’s name, address and telephone number.
      2. Your last three pay stubs.
      3. Information about changes you expect in your pay or the number of hours worked during the next twelve months.
      4. Other types of income you expect to receive from employment, such as bonuses, tips, commissions, profit-sharing programs, etc.
      5. Tax Return – Most current year.
      6. Form 1099: received for assets and/or miscellaneous income for current past year.
    2. Benefits and Support Income: If any member of your family receives any of the following types of income, bring name, address and telephone number of the source of income, and legal documentation on the amount received.
      1. Unemployment Compensation
      2. Social Security Statement for the Current Year
      3. Supplemental Social Security Statement of Income (SSI) for Current Year
      4. Pension Statement of Income
      5. Annuity
      6. Disability Income
      7. Alimony
      8. Welfare or Other Public Assistance
      9. Regular support from family members or friends
    3. Savings and Checking Accounts: (including Christmas Clubs, Certificates of Deposits, IRA, and Keogh Accounts.) Bring bank statements from the last 6 months, with current balance for all bank accounts.
    4. Real Estate you own or have owned within the last 2 years: Bring information about the current value of the property. If you own property and rent it, bring the address of the property and information about how much income you receive and what expenses you have for the property. (Bring last year’s schedule E from your income tax forms.)
    5. Stocks, Bonds, Trust, & Other Investments: Bring account numbers and statements on value of investment and information about income from investments.
    6. Life Insurance Policies: Provide the name of the company, policy numbers and statements on the value of the policies.
    7. Other Income: for any other type of income you have bring the name, address, and telephone number of the source and information about the amount of the income.
    8. Assets Sold or Given Away: If you have sold or given away any assets in the past two years (such as giving property or an amount of money to another family member), please bring information about those assets, including the value.
    9. Funeral Trust Accounts: bring account information.
    1. Handicap or Disability: If any member of your family is handicapped or disabled, bring information about any income the member received because of his/her handicap/disability.
  3. EXPENSESFor every family member, bring the following information about any medical expenses you expect to have during the next twelve months. Please bring backup documentation such as monthly statements, printouts, and Insurance cards.
    1. Co-pays to Medical Professionals: We can only use the medical expenses that are anticipated for the upcoming year. The following items are medical expenses that are routine (meaning you have it done on a regular basis or annually.)
      1. Doctor visits
      2. Procedures
      3. Official Medical Payment Plans
      4. Eye Exams
      5. Dental Exams
    2. Medical Insurance Premiums or amounts deducted from your Income for medical coverage.
    3. Expenses to care for a handicap or disabled family member while you work.
    4. Pharmacy printout of all your prescriptions of the past 12 months (receipts for prescriptions will not be accepted)