1. At the time of signing the lease, each tenant shall produce the following information: a. Valid (current) driver’s license.b. Valid (current) registration of the vehicle.
    c. Valid (current) proof of insurance for the vehicle.Within two (2) weeks of moving to Liberty Towers, each tenant is responsible for notifying the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission of the change of address. A copy of the revised license must be presented to the Newton Housing Authority for its records.
  2. Tenant will ( ) will not ( ) be assigned a permanent parking space. If assigned a space, tenant agrees not to park the vehicle in any other space.
  3. Tenant must notify the Newton Housing Authority of any change in vehicle.
  4. Tenant will ( ) will not ( ) provide a duplicate set of car keys for emergency/ snow removal.
  5. Tenant agrees to notify all guests and visitors to use the rear, upper parking lot. Handicapped spaces are available for visitors at the rear door. No parking is permitted in the front of the building in the circular driveway. This is a legally- designated FIRE ZONE. Offenders may be ticketed and towed at their expense.
  6. Tenant understands that changing of oil, washing of vehicles, or any other type of repair is prohibited on the premises.
  7. Tenants are responsible for the removal of snow/ ice from their own vehicle. Snow must not be put into any other parking space, cleared sidewalk or roadway.
  8. All vehicles must be in good operating condition, properly registered, and insured. Any vehicle that is not in not in operating condition or is not properly registered or insured will be removed from the premises at the owner’s expense.
  9. Any violation of the registration procedures for vehicles of tenants at the Newton Housing Authority may result in loss of parking privileges on the property.